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About Rossco Blues: Harmonica Player

Rossco is a master craftsman of the blues harp. A harmonica fanatic and acclaimed tutor, he has “Been Livin with the Blues” ever since the 60s, when he heard the song of the same name, played by the fantastic Sonny Terry, with Brownie McGhee on guitar and vocals. He had the privilege of playing with them on one of their rare appearances in the UK. This began the rollercoaster of playing Country and Chicago Blues around the clubs and pubs, with a number of different bands, where he gained a love of playing all styles of music on the harmonica.

Please email Ross Jacques for further information, enquiries, band bookings, if need a harmonica player or to find out more about Music Jams in the South London and Kent area.

Current Bands

Rossco now plays with current original Blues band Mississippi MacDonald & The Cotton Mouth Kings, Midnight at Room 306 and The Cotton Mouth Kings Blues Backing Band, as well as guest player with other bands and musicians. Please visit Mississippi MacDonald & The Cotton Mouth Kings for further information on the bands, gigs and albums available.



Rossco plays Blues harmonica, Contemporary and Rock and also plays some Irish Jigs & Aires and Eastern European music. He started learning the harmonica by playing along to blues record imports from the USA in the 1960's. He has been playing ever since, in the UK and Europe, on any suitable occasion for making music. Over the years he has played with the T&D Trio, Chris Ford Davis, The Jimmy Smith Duo, Dave Smith Duo Lewin, Jacques & Black (LJB Band) and The Rhythmn Kickers.





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