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Basic Harmonic gear used by many harmonica players includes a harmonica positions chart, diatonic and chromatic harmonicas in various keys, bullet mic, amps and harmonica case.

Harmonica positions chart

Harmonica Positions Chart

Harmonicas need to be selected to enable the player to accompany other musicians in the correct key.

A Harmonica Positions Chart is useful for choosing the Harp Key needed.

Click link for Harmonica Positions Chart Web Page.




Diatonic Bluesharp

Bluesharps are 10 hole harmonicas tuned to the Richter Scale, suitable for playing Blues and Country music. I started playing Honer Marine Band Diatonic Bluesharps in the '60's.

Over the past few years I have changed to using Lee Oskars because I prefer plastic comb to wooden and I find them to be very responsive with good tone. I also use Special20, though harder to find, they have a more mellow tone.



Other Diatonics

Diatonic Harmonicas are available in many different tunings, including Minor, Harmonic Minor, Paddy Richter. Also available in custom tunings for various styles of playing.

The Harmonic minor is particularly suitable for music with a Eastern European flavour. Paddy Richter is used for playing Irish music.

Lee Oskar Diatonics


Chromatic Harmonicas

My preferred chromatic harmonica for general use is the Honner CX12. I also have a Toots Hard Bopper, which is nice for a more jazzy feel.

Chromatic Harmonica

Harmonica caseHarmonica Cases

Harmonica cases can be purchased, with or without harmonicas. Buying without harmonicas has the advantage of choosing your preferred harmonica make(s). If you are just starting a case and harmonica set would be a good start. I purchased a metal case, which was cheap and ideal, having elastic slots for harmonicas and room for bullet mic and larger chromatic harmonicas. For my 70th birthday I was lucky to receive a customised harmonica case to match my Fender amp!

Hobgoblin harmonica Cases


Green Bullet Mic

A bullet mike is an essential bit of kit for a harmonica player. There is not always a spare mic for the harmonica player and the bullet mic is handy to have with you. It is specifically designed for harmonica playing.

Green Bullet Mics

Large Amps

My main amp is a Fender bassman customised for harmonica.

Smaller Amps

I have a couple of smaller amps.  One is Laney VC-110 15 Watt Tube Amp with various different effects. Another is a Pignose Hog20 amp which is compact mains/battery powered amp.

Angelfire Harmonica Amps

Pedal Boxes

This is my Pedal box I use playing harmonicas.




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